Can You Eat Beaver?

Can You Eat Beaver?

In short, yes, you can eat beaver. Before you go beaver hunting, you need to consider legal and safety aspects.  You won’t find beaver meat available are most markets. Hunting your own or getting it from a hunter is an option.  If you’re going to hunt your own, make sure you’re familiar with the laws … Read more

Can You Eat Squirrels?

Can You Eat Squirrel?

In short, yes, you can eat squirrel. Before you do so, you need to consider legal and safety aspects.  In some places killing a squirrel can be illegal. Additionally, squirrels can carry diseases that you should be aware of.  Is It Safe To Eat Squirrel? Squirrel meat has been eaten throughout history. So, there is … Read more

Turkey Hunting Gear List

Turkey Hunting Gear List

Getting into any new hunting endeavor can be a little daunting and walking into any larger hunting outfitter will only make it more so.  There are dozens of calls, camo gear, various shotgun loads, broadheads, and about everything else.  But it doesn’t have to be that hard folks.  This simple guide will tip you off … Read more

Turkey Hunting In The Rain

Imagine that nice, warm, sunny day in either late Fall or early Spring.  That dream hunting day.  Now let’s hope you get it!  More than likely you won’t.  Most of the U.S. has seen massive rainfall this year and will probably happen again.  Don’t let this kill your hunting trip! First of all, we are … Read more

What Do Wild Turkey Eat In Winter?

What Do Wild Turkey Eat In Winter

The secret of a successful hunt has little to do with your shooting ability and everything to do with knowing where the animals are.  Back before hunting seasons, this was easy.  Once you found your quarry, you just followed them. Things aren’t that simple now.  Very few of us have the time to devote to … Read more

Turkey Hunting For Beginners

Turkey Hunting For Beginners

Why Hunt Turkey? – Because it’s Delicious! The turkey you hunt and the turkey you get at the supermarket are practically two different birds but we will get to that later.  What you need to know right now is that the meat doesn’t compare! A wild turkey will have a varying flavor depending on where … Read more

Best Night Vision Hunting Scopes

ATN Rifle Scope

1. ATN X-Sight II HD 5-20 Smart Day/Night Rifle Scope The ATN X-Sight II HD 5-20 Scope is a top of the line hunting scope that can handle almost any situation. It includes night vision capabilities. There is also 1080p video recordings. Recording can be activated by the recoil. This means that the camera will … Read more